In June 2017, the PlantPure Communities Advocacy Council was created. The mission of the Advocacy Council is to achieve policy and legislative changes to promote i) more Americans eating more plants; and ii) helping mainstream America gain a fuller understanding of the evidence-based research that shows that a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet is optimal for human health.  

Role of the Advocacy Council:

  • To advise PPC on key policy and advocacy matters. (Beyond advice and guidance, the Council has no formal role, authority or responsibility.)
  • To guide PPC’s engagement on both active and opportunistic advocacy activities.

Focus: For the short-term, the geographic focus of PPC’s advocacy activities is the United States.

2017 Advocacy Priorities List

(See Advocacy Action Sheets)

CALL-TO-ACTION: Federal/SNAP – PlantPure Communities supports PCRM’s efforts to improve SNAP so that it prioritizes healthful foods to address both hunger and malnutrition while saving both money and lives. SNAP should empower economically disadvantaged Americans to be healthy while also improving the national food market, rather than continue to subsidize the junk food profits of massive companies.  Reauthorization of the Farm Bill, which contains SNAP, is due September 2018. Discussions and groundwork for what will be in that legislation are now underway.

CALL-TO-ACTION: Pods/Local/PlantPure Communities Restaurant Campaign – The PlantPure Communities (PPC) Restaurant Campaign is aimed at efforts to grow the number of restaurants that offer at least one vegan/whole food, plant-based (WFPB) meal on their menu.  The PPC Restaurant Campaign Toolkit contains a wide variety of information and is intended to support the engagement of thousands of Pod members who are participating in the Campaign.

Stakeholders interested in collaborating with PPC should send an email, outlining the issue and context, to