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Be Accessible

Every group in our Pod Network must maintain a Facebook page, a Facebook group, or other social media page that provides overview information on the Pod, which can be linked to our Pod Map.

Meet Monthly

We encourage groups in our Pod Network to commit to in-person potluck meetings at least monthly. We recognize that conditions may sometimes make in-person potluck meetings impossible, requiring from time to time an online option, but we encourage our Pods to meet in-person as often as possible.

Share PPC Messages and Media

We encourage Pods to share the message or media PPC posts on its website with Pod members at monthly potluck meetings. This could be text you can read, news to share, or a video that you play, hopefully to help inform, inspire, and spark discussion and action. You also could consider sharing an episode of The PlantPure Kitchen.

Note: PPC is going through a transition process in 2023, so its capacity to produce media may be limited until the second half of the year.

Abide by PPC’s Culinary Philosophy

The PlantPure Pod Network promotes a whole food plant-based diet as defined by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, who performed much of the pioneering research on a plant-based diet. Pods are expected to adhere to this statement of Culinary Philosophy. We do not subscribe to an extreme interpretation of a plant-based diet, which is not supported by the science and creates obstacles to building a plant-based world.

In addition, PPC recommends consumption of whole foods, not supplements (except possibly vitamin B12 and vitamin D for people who lack access to sunlight). Some supplements, such as herbal and whole food supplements and even small amounts of vitamin and mineral supplements are not necessarily harmful, but meta studies and other research now show that excessive use of certain single nutrient supplements can increase disease risk.

Be Welcoming

Pods cannot discriminate in any manner because of an individual’s race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or any other legally protected characteristic. In addition, Pods should respect diverse political viewpoints, and should never use language that might be considered divisive. Our goal is to unify people around a common mission of building a plant-based world for the benefit of people, animals, and our larger environment.

If anyone has questions or concerns about their Pod’s compliance with these guidelines, contact us at