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Our Mission

The mission of the nonprofit PlantPure Communities (“PPC”) is to engage as many people as possible in a grassroots movement to build a plant-based world. PPC’s strategy includes two elements:

Grassroots Organization

In 2016, following release of the hit documentary PlantPure Nation, the nonprofit PlantPure Communities (“PPC”) was formed to support a growing network of local support and advocacy groups called “Pods.”

Pods typically meet monthly around a plant-based potluck. Pod members bring a plant-based dish and the recipe they used, which they can post to a recipe board. These gatherings provide critical social support, but also provide an opportunity for education and local outreach. The Pod network now includes hundreds of Pods and over 200,000 people.


PPC helps to educate, inspire, and connect Pods via its Podstream, which includes written content, a cooking show, an ongoing stream of short videos, and longer films.

Each month PPC provides content for use in Pod meetings to educate members, to stimulate group discussion, and/or to collaboratively develop and implement local strategies for sharing the plant-based message.

PPC also has recently completed a new documentary film, From Food to Freedom, which tells an inspiring story of healing, while making larger connections to the Covid pandemic. PPC encourages Pods to host in-person screenings of the film.

Finally, PPC is currently producing a cooking show hosted by chef Kim Campbell, called The PlantPure Kitchen. This show is produced in partnership with the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, who supplies heirloom produce and related programming support for each show.

Note: PPC is going through a transition process in 2023, so its capacity to produce additional media may be limited until the second half of the year.