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Our Mission

The mission of the nonprofit PlantPure Communities (“PPC”) is to engage as many people as possible in a grassroots movement to build a plant-based world. PPC’s strategy rests on three pillars:

Grassroots Organization

PPC supports a network of local support and advocacy groups called Pods. This network was launched following the release of the hit documentary film, PlantPure Nation.

Pods have two main functions:

  • to provide social support to people who have chosen to live plant-based, and
  • to introduce new people to the plant-based message.

PPC supports Pods through its projects and media productions.


PPC will launch an effort in 2023 to solicit project ideas from Pods who have undertaken successful efforts in their communities. PPC will study these examples and prepare project toolkits accessible via its website so that these successes can be replicated across the Pod network. Pods who have an idea to share can contact PPC at

PPC is especially interested in ideas for bringing the message of plant-based nutrition into under-resourced communities, which face the highest barriers to healthy living and suffer the highest rates of chronic disease. PPC will actively engage with community partners in the development, testing and validation of these strategies through its Oasis Program.


PPC also produces media to connect people and to inspire grassroots action. It has recently completed a new documentary film, From Food to Freedom, which tells an inspiring story of healing, while making larger connections to the Covid pandemic. In addition, PPC is currently producing a culinary show hosted by Chef Kim Campbell, called PlantPure Kitchen Live.

PPC’s future media will include both shorter content and full-length documentaries. This media will include stories from within the Pod network, sometimes connected with the projects supported by PPC. PPC’s goal is to drive a massive and organized cycle of grassroots social invention and learning with actionable strategies and resources to accelerate the transition to a plant-based world.