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Pod leaders are expected to follow these “rules of conduct” that will protect the integrity of the whole food, plant-based movement, the Pod, and PlantPure Communities. The following list offers some guidance for appropriate Pod Leader behavior:

  • Act in all matters in a manner that will safeguard the reputation and integrity of the whole food, plant-based movement and PPC.
  • It is not against PPC’s policy for Pod leaders to have a personal business, but if you have such interests, you should be transparent and clarify for members that these private interests are separate from the mission and function of the Pod, and you should never use the Pod to promote these interests.
  • Act in a responsible and respectful manner in line with a leadership position. Good judgment must be shown while acting as a Pod leader, which includes refraining from smoking or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Do not represent personal political opinions as representative of PPC or the Pod, unless PPC has an advocacy project for which you have signed up. PPC does not support any particular political party. 
  • The following list offers some examples of inappropriate conduct that could cause a Pod leader to lose his or her leadership status:
    • Acting in any manner that is not respectful or that could bring ill-repute to PPC, the Pod, or the whole food, plant-based movement.
    • Violating your responsibilities as Pod Leaders or any of these Rules of Conduct.
    • Violating federal, state, or local safety and health rules, guidelines, or laws.
    • Disclosing confidential information of any member of the Pod or PPC or disclosing health information of any participant in PPC programs without explicit, written authorization.
    • Using Pod members’ contact information to send messages which market goods or services which you or another Pod member provides.
    • Acting or making a comment made based on an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or any other legally protected characteristic.
    • Using any title or emblem of PPC, except use of the PlantPure name pursuant to this license agreement, identifying yourself as an employee of PPC, or expressing an opinion on PPC’s behalf that has not been expressed publicly by PPC, unless you are specifically authorized by PPC as a representative in a particular matter.