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February 1, 2017

South Shore Herbivores, a PlantPure Pod group in Duxbury, MA, held a delicious Cruelty-Free Feast on November 5, 2016, as a plant-based alternative to turkey-centered Thanksgivings.

After hearing many people express their difficulties going plant-based, group leader and holistic health counselor Andrea Liddell came up with the idea for the Cruelty-Free Feast. Her goal was to show that those following a WFPB lifestyle can easily indulge in their favorite comfort foods.

“I wanted to show they could still enjoy a holiday without missing out on anything,” she explains. “Being plant-based is about progress, not perfection.”

For the feast, the group switched out a traditional turkey for Gardein’s Holiday Roast. They also had vegan mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, veggie sides, gelatin-free cranberry sauce, salad, oil-free cheeses, crackers, and fruits, plus a few decadent desserts—including pumpkin pie, cupcakes, and Kim Campbell’s brownies from the PPN cookbook.

“We had about fifteen people for the feast—even a plant-based vegan baby, who couldn’t get enough of everything!” Liddell exclaims.

Her group serves as a learning tool for many people in the local area. Liddell and other members work to clear up major health and diet misconceptions by holding interactive monthly events. Many people have made the switch to plant-based vegan or vegetarian since the group’s creation, and many who were already plant-based have decided to give up oil, as well.

“They see that plant-based doesn’t have to be boring,” Liddell says.

She believes the best thing about the Pods is the ability for others to see firsthand the immense benefits and abundance that come with being plant-based, without sacrificing their favorite foods or compromising taste. Liddell always makes sure the events are centered around not just food, but education.

“Delicious food grabs your attention,” she explains, “but at the same time being able to teach about the impact on your health, the environment and animal welfare—you walk away with a better connection to your choices.”

Liddell is currently brainstorming the theme for their next meet up in February. We can’t wait to see what creative event she and her group host next!

If you live in or near the Duxbury/Plymouth area and would like to join this group, you can do so by visiting the South Shore Herbivore Pod group page.

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By Kristyn Pankiw Helm, Social Media Manager, PlantPure Communities

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