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Pods provide social support to people committed to a plant-based lifestyle.

We also encourage our Pods to engage in projects and strategies to share the plant-based message deeper into their local communities. If you achieve success, please contact us at so we can share your success with the rest of our Pod Network.

To get the ball rolling, we encourage Pods to consider six areas of focus:

Film Screenings

If you can ensure an audience of at least 250 people, and cover travel and hotel lodging costs, Nelson (and possibly Kim Campbell) may be able to travel to your location to host a Q&A session following a screening of our film, From Food to Freedom or the earlier film, PlantPure Nation. We encourage you to consider holding such a screening event in a local theater, where the film can be screened without risk of audio/video problems.

If you would like to hold a film screening, contact us at

Food to Freedom Digital Impact Kit

Consider promoting the digital kit we have created for people who watch our film, From Food to Freedom. This kit includes a 10-day educational immersion program, culinary instruction, unused footage from the film, and other goodies that will help people understand the health benefits of plant-based nutrition. You can learn more about and purchase the digital kit once it’s available in early 2023.

Oasis Program

The PlantPure foods business has also committed to providing its new dry-pack line of Healthy Helper products in support of outreach efforts in under-resourced communities, discounted down to its cost (waiving its profit margin. We encourage you to consider strategies for bringing the plant-based health message into these communities using these products and any other resources available to you. This product line will be available in the Spring of 2023.

Dining Out

Help make healthy eating easy by launching a campaign to encourage restaurants to increase the availability of wholesome plant-based options in your community. Local restaurants also can get certified by PPC to attract more health conscious consumers. And cultivating a relationship with these restaurants will allow for Pod dine-out events.

Healthy School Lunch Advocacy

Help build a healthier future by starting at the root: improving children’s nutrition in your local schools. Unhealthy lifestyles are taught and can also be untaught. By engaging schools to connect youth with fresh foods, teach them about food origins, and get them involved with food selection and preparation, we can build a future where youth are well-nourished and connected to the food systems which sustain us.

Gardening for Food Sovereignty

Grow your own plant-based food to contribute to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for yourself and your community. By getting involved with gardening, you not only have the advantage of fresh organic produce from your own backyard, but are taking a stand against a destructive system of industrialized food production. Get your Pod involved in the rewarding process of bringing food to the table.