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PlantPure Launches Online Plant-Based Seminar

New program designed to help people transition to a plant-based diet

[Mebane, NC] PlantPure, Inc. announced today the online launch of its successful Health and Weight Loss seminar. Created by the Producer of the hit documentaries Forks Over Knives (2011) and PlantPure Nation (2015), the five-hour program features many experts and luminaries in the plant-based field and covers everything a beginner needs to know and how to incorporate it into a lasting lifestyle.

“A 95 percent failure rate is what the diet industry has today,” said John Corry, the seminar’s creator.  “Most popular diet plans are gimmicky and sell packaged foods loaded with artificial flavors and ingredients.  People soon tire of the food or the deprivation.  We wanted to create an affordable program that teaches sustainable lifestyle habits, and make it available to everyone who has online access.”  

John Corry has extensive experience as a filmmaker communicating the dramatic health benefits of a plant-based diet.  Forks Over Knives and PlantPure Nation examined the health benefits of the diet, not only in preventing chronic diseases, but in often reversing serious conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. 

“Those films helped inspire thousands of people to try the plant-based diet,” Corry said.  “To cater to increasing public interest, plant-based seminar events have sprung up around the country, but they are often expensive.  We set out to create an affordable high-impact seminar experience that takes people through every phase of the diet, from the science, to cooking and community support. We also provide access to a delicious line of healthy frozen entrees from PlantPure.”

With help from esteemed scientist, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, and from PlantPure founder, Nelson Campbell, the $89 seminar includes experts on video, supported by turn-around stories.  “While some people need to be convinced with scientific evidence, we also injected real life testimonies to deliver the message on an emotional level, because the plant-based diet can be a life-changing idea for many,” Nelson Campbell added. 

Doctors can also utilize the seminar to heal their patients through a plant-based diet.  SOMOS Community Care, a network of over 2,500 physicians in New York City, recently licensed a newly created Spanish version of the seminar.  Similarly, the seminar can be integrated into employer wellness programs.  Information on the use of the seminar by doctors and at worksites is available at the program website at

PlantPure, Inc. is a company committed to bringing the life-changing health benefits of a plant-based diet into the mainstream.  PlantPure was launched after release of the film, PlantPure Nation, in theaters in over 100 cities in 2015 (now available on Amazon and YouTube).  The Company has focused on food production and education, and is also working on a new web-based social action platform, all for the purpose of supporting local initiatives to promote the health message of a plant-based diet (  Additionally, in response to a call-to-action at the end of PlantPure Nation, over 500 local support groups called Pods have formed, now involving over 150,000 people.  This Pod network is supported by the nonprofit PlantPure Communities. (

For more information, visit:

The film, PlantPure Nation, is currently available on Amazon and YouTube.

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