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Sharing the Plant-Based Message on Hikes and Marathons

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Before the pandemic, one of the best practices to recruit new Pod members involved setting up a table in a high-traffic area and speaking with curious community members. But with the pandemic ongoing and with high-traffic areas disappearing, Health for Life Pod Leaders Craig Hafer and Hae Hafer had to get creative. As avid hikers, they decided that they would talk with others who were out on the trails. Since people are often on the move as they hike to the top of a mountain, Craig passed out encouraging business cards that promote the plant-based diet and connect hikers to information about plant-based nutrition research and the Pod Network. 


This summer, Craig and Hae climbed an astonishing fourteen “14ers” in Colorado. For those who might not know the climbing terminology, a 14er is a mountain that towers over 14,000 feet! As a fit couple, Craig and Hae are often the first or second ones to reach the top of the mountain. On their descent, Craig would ask, “Can I give you my card?” and 90% would accept. On a particularly busy day like Thanksgiving, Craig successfully reached 25 people. In addition to hiking mountains in Colorado, Craig brought his wisdom and plant-based cards to half marathons in Poplar Bluff, MO, and Gettysburg, PA. With this dedication, Craig estimates that he passed out over 400 cards from July – November!

Craig has met hikers and marathoners from around the world and feels grateful that he has been able to connect them with Pod communities and the resources they need to follow a plant-based lifestyle. Craig hopes his story will encourage other Pod Leaders to make their own cards to hand out to others wherever they might go.

Original Submission received from Craig Hafer of Health for Life Pod on November 25, 2020






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