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The Food-Climate Connection

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For Information, contact: Jody Kass, PPC Executive Director: 704-412-4506 x101

The Food-Climate Connection

Nonprofit Organization Hosts Groundbreaking Webinar

On August 8th, from 7:00-8:30 pm EST, the nonprofit organization PlantPure Communities (PPC) is hosting a webinar about the impact of our food choices on climate change. This groundbreaking Dialogue will be led by Nelson Campbell, founder and Board Chair of PlantPure Communities; and Peter Lehner, Senior Strategic Advisor at Earthjustice.

Few people know that our animal-based western diet has a larger impact on climate change than all transportation impacts combined. Indeed, though half the world’s population views climate change as a threat, most do not make the connection with their food choices. PPC’s Food-Climate Connection webinar is aimed at helping people understand that many of our most urgent problems are interconnected. It is anticipated that these two leaders will find tremendous common ground and that this webinar will mark the beginning of an historic collaboration between nutrition and climate advocates everywhere. All are welcome to join the Dialogue.

What: Free Webinar on ‘The Food-Climate Connection – What We Eat Matters!
Who: Hosted by PlantPure Communities
When: August 8th @ 7:00-8:30 pm EST
Where: Online – Register here

For more information about the PlantPure Communities Food-Climate Connection Initiative, please visit the PPC Food-Climate Connection webpage.


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