Pod Growth Report Form 

Please let us know how many members are in your Pod. The number should reflect those people who have been involved in the Pod in the last year – including those who occasionally attend Pod events or meetings, those who connect to the Pod via Facebook or Meetup, and those with whom you communicate via email, even if they do not attend many Pod events. (We ask for this because we know that in most cases, the number of Pod members far exceeds the number of Registered Users on the Pod website.)

Submit Your Pod News 

Please let us know what’s happening with your Pod. Use this form to submit a picture and description of your group’s recent event. We love to hear about your events! We may post it on our website and our social media. If you have any questions, please email news@plantpurecommunities.org


Topic-specific project guides designed by PPC to support Pod Group Leaders in engaging their Pods in activities intended to create positive change in their communities. 

Mentor Program

The Mentor Program exists to support Group Leaders who are new to the Pod Network or who could use some extra support/guidance. If you are interested in working with a Mentor or becoming a Mentor, please complete one of the following forms:

Would you like to connect with an experienced “mentor” Group Leader to help grow your Pod? For Group Leaders Seeking a Mentor: https://formstack.io/C1CFA

Would you like to volunteer to be a Mentor to other Group Leaders? For Group Leaders who want to become a Mentor: https://formstack.io/AAFCB

PPC Pod Badge

This badge is intended for Group Leaders to use on your websites and flyers to show your Pod’s connection to the PPC Pod Network. (A preview of the badge is available here.) If you’d like to use the Badge, please contact Katya Trent, Director of Pod Operations. By using the badge, you certify that your Pod is a member organization of the PlantPure Communities Pod Network; and that your Pod has read and adopted the PlantPure Communities Culinary Philosophy. This badge is restricted to Pod-related use only.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from Group Leaders and our answers.

Monthly Pod Engagement Suggestions

Chronological list of Pod engagement suggestions sent out on a monthly basis to all Group Leaders.


The materials on the Resources webpage are great to share with Pod members! You can print them yourself to share at Pod meetings, or let Pod members know about the Resource webpage to connect them with recommended websites, Info Sheets to share with Pod members, PPC eBooks, and FAQs about the Pod Network.