Jody Kass

Executive Director

Jody has worked at PlantPure Communities since its inception in early 2016. As Executive Director, Jody manages the overall organization and day-to-day activities of PPC, including operations, fund raising, board development, and implementing a broad range of program initiatives. Jody brings to PPC considerable experience in advocacy, nonprofit management, lobbying and strategic planning from her 30-year career in nonprofit community revitalization. Jody serves on the Board of Directors at the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies (CNS). Prior to national nutrition/food policy issues, Jody worked in the brownfields and affordable housing arenas.

Alex Brown

Director of Neighborhood Programs and Information Technology

Alex develops and implements neighborhood-based programs related to PPC’s mission of building strong, healthy, sustainable neighborhoods and also establishes, oversees, and directs the technology capacity connected to PPC’s organizational goals and objectives as well as PPC’s program-specific needs. Alex is a graduate of the Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture Urban Farmer Program and is also a certified permaculture design specialist.

Caroline Dyar

Director of New Initiatives and Operations

Caroline works with the Executive Director on organizational development and with all staff on new initiatives and the design and implementation of PPC’s programmatic framework and guidelines. She started working for PlantPure Communities in September 2016. She is a Black Belt Nia Technique teacher and trained as an Integrative Health Coach at Duke Integrative Medicine. She spent a year at Bryn Mawr College before graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in Media Studies. She is passionate about animal rights and equal access to health and wellness education.

Katya Trent

Director of Pod Operations and Development Support

Katya has a Master’s degree in Management from Eastern Kentucky University. She joined PPC in September 2016 and works primarily with the Pod Network. Her responsibilities also include Development Support for the larger organizational needs of PlantPure Communities, as well. Katya enjoys meeting new people and promoting a plant-based lifestyle everywhere she goes.

Preeti Bansal Kshirsagar

Regional Manager

Preeti began working at PPC in September 2016 as a Regional Manager, supporting the Pod Network. Preeti works to create new solutions that make better food and nutrition accessible to everyone. Preeti is enrolled at the University of Michigan to complete a Master’s program in Human Nutrition and Public Health Genetics and is on track to become a Registered Dietitian.

Jessie Arnold

Project Manager for PlantPure Communities

Jessie began working for PlantPure Communities in June 2017. Jessie graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University. She aspires to obtain her Masters Degree in Nutrition, as well as become a Registered Dietician.

Ella Stephens

Project Manager

Ella began working for PlantPure Communities in September 2017 after graduating from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences. Ella’s focus is creating informational Toolkits for the Pod Network. She is excited to start her career in educating others about plant-based nutrition, and aspires to obtain a PhD on the topic. Ella is passionate about changing the world by making a positive impact on society’s health and the sustainability of the planet.

Helen Giles

Regional Manager

Helen has her Masters of Science Degree in Public Health, International Health Systems with a Certificate in Food Systems, Environment, and Public Health from Johns Hopkins University. She is interested in how what we eat and how we produce it impacts the health of individuals, communities, and the planet, as well as how we can work to change behaviors around food to increase health when food is intricately tied to who we are, our cultures, and our identities. Helen started working with PlantPure Communities in August 2017 as a Regional Manager where she helps support Group Leaders and the Pod Network. Helen is passionate about holistic, empowering views of health from food to mindfulness to movement.