Jody Kass

Executive Director

Jody has worked at PlantPure Communities since its inception in early 2016. As Executive Director, Jody manages the overall organization and day-to-day activities of PPC, including operations, fund raising, board development, and implementing a broad range of program initiatives. Jody brings to PPC considerable experience in advocacy, nonprofit management, lobbying and strategic planning from her 30-year career in community revitalization. Jody’s particular expertise is in the crafting of out-of-the-box solutions to thorny problems, and translating those solutions into legislative and regulatory action that achieve systemic change.

Jody serves on the Board of Directors of several nonprofit organizations, including the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies (CNS) and New Partners for Community Revitalization. Prior to national nutrition/food policy issues, Jody worked in the brownfields and community development arena. In 2001, Jody co-founded the nonprofit organization, New Partners for Community Revitalization, (NPCR) which she directed until 2014. Prior to NPCR, Jody was Vice President of the nonprofit NYC Housing Partnership, where she helped coordinate the construction of over 16,000 affordable housing units, representing over $1.5 billion in private investment in 50 NYC low-income communities.

Alex Brown

Director of Neighborhood Programs and Information Technology

Alex serves as the Director of Neighborhood Programs and Information Technology. In those roles he develops and implements neighborhood-based programs related to PPC’s mission of building strong, healthy, sustainable neighborhoods and also establishes, oversees, and directs the technology capacity connected to PPC’s organizational goals and objectives as well as PPC’s program-specific needs.

Alex started working with PlantPure, Inc. in June of 2015 and started working with PlantPure Communities in October of 2016. Alex is a graduate of the Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture’s Urban Farmer Program and is also a certified permaculture design specialist.  Over the years, he has developed a deep appreciation for the beauty, complexity, and diversity of nature but prior to his deep appreciation for nature, Alex spent seventeen years working as a network and systems engineer, creating diverse, complex systems for businesses of all sizes in the public and private sectors around the world.  His motto is, “I live to serve.”

Caroline Dyar

Director of New Initiatives and Operations

Caroline Dyar is the Director of New Initiatives and Operations. In this role, she identifies new initiatives and designs programmatic framework and guidelines. She also works with the Executive Director on organizational development and with the Director of Neighborhood Programs on the Oasis Program.

She started working for PlantPure Communities in September 2016. Before that time, she worked part-time with PlantPure, Inc. and she was the Program Manager for over nine years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Program in the Humanities and Human Values. She is a Black Belt Nia Technique teacher and trained as an Integrative Health Coach at Duke Integrative Medicine. She spent a year at Bryn Mawr College before graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in Media Studies. She is passionate about animal rights and equal access to health and wellness education.

Katya Trent

Director of Pod Operations and Development Support

In 2015 Katya Trent joined the PlantPure Nation Roll out Team facilitating numerous premier releases where she worked with many volunteers across the nation. When premier releases ended she transitioned to working with PlantPure Pod Program. Katya joined PlantPure Communities in September 2016 and continues to work with the Pod Program as the Operations Director. Her responsibilities also include Development Support for the larger organizational needs of PlantPure Communities, as well. Katya enjoys meeting new people and promoting a plant-based lifestyle everywhere she goes.

Preeti Bansal Kshirsagar

Regional Manager

Preeti has been working with PlantPure as a Regional Manager since November 2015. Preeti very much enjoys interacting with new and existing pod group leaders. Hearing about health experiences of group leaders and group members and learning from their experiences is of particular interest to Preeti as she is a Nutritionist herself. Preeti loves creating new solutions and running projects that make better food and nutrition, accessible to everyone.

Preeti’s journey in the plant-based world and the world of health-care started with a painful abdominal inflammatory condition that was rapidly resolved by moving to a plant based diet. Not only did Preeti see an almost magical resolution of her health condition but also found a noticeable improvement in energy and well-being. This inspired Preeti to read more about the world of plant based eating and it became a passionate hobby of hers. Preeti’s commitment to a plant based diet was solidified when she helped her parents heal their Type 2 Diabetes through whole food, plant-based eating.

To pursue her passion in nutrition, Preeti took a break from her decade long career in Information Technology and enrolled at the University of Michigan to complete a Master’s program in Human Nutrition and Public Health Genetics. Preeti is now on track to complete the requisites and become a Registered Dietitian in 2017.

Kristyn Helm

Digital Marketing and Communications Manager

Kristyn Helm is the Digital Marketing and Communications Manager for PlantPure Communities. In this role, she oversees material for PPC’s digital platforms, where she creates and distributes engaging content about food and nutrition to the public. She enjoys interacting with followers, especially hearing their personal health testimonies.

After becoming plant-based due to health issues and an interest in a more natural lifestyle, Kristyn’s IBS, acid reflux, back pain, chronic colds, and fatigue all disappeared within weeks. She has helped many family and friends transition to a plant-based diet, including her father, who now no longer suffers from hypercholesterolemia and is completely off of statins.

Kristyn has been working in marketing for several years and is interested in the ways digital media and communication can initiate positive global change. She spent two years at Dickinson College before graduating early from Flagler College with a degree in English. Kristyn earned her certificate in plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies through Cornell University and hopes to attend graduate school for public health. She is passionate about environmentalism and spreading awareness about the impact of a plant-based lifestyle.

Jessie Arnold

Project Manager for PlantPure Communities

Jessie Arnold is Project Manager for PlantPure Communities. She was a Social Media Intern for PlantPure Inc. from June through September of 2016, and started working for PlantPure Communities in June 2017. Jessie graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University. She has volunteered for local health and nutrition nonprofits, and has previous work in social media management. Jessie’s passion is in sharing knowledge about the healing potential of a whole food, plant-based diet with others, in order to create a healthier world.

Jessie’s journey into the plant-based community began shortly after graduating from high school, when her father passed away from cancer. After her father’s passing, Jessie immersed herself within the scientific literature and discovered The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell, PhD, which led her to pursue a degree in Nutrition. She aspires to obtain her Masters Degree in Nutrition, as well as become a Registered Dietician. Jessie hopes to spread the message of plant-based nutrition to as many people as she can, and change lives for the better along the way.