We have developed these Toolkits as topic-specific project guides particularly to support Group Leaders, Pod Members and Pods that are part of the PlantPure Communities Pod Network. Nevertheless, the Toolkits offer significant value for many other purposes, as well.

Many Group Leaders have asked for support in engaging their Pods in activities that are meaningful to their members and which will have an impact and  create positive changes in their neighborhoods and beyond.

The Toolkits are designed so that Group Leaders may offer a menu of potential project options to Pod members to choose to implement in their communities. The Toolkits can be used to discuss priorities and secure buy-in from Pod members to carry out a short-term or longer-term project.  

The materials in the Toolkit have been crafted so that they may be downloaded and printed individually, such as the “WFPB Diet Explained,” which Group Leaders may want to bring to each Pod meeting and share with newbies. The Toolkits also offer many opportunities for Group Leaders or Pod Members to provide feedback, so that we can keep the Toolkits current and share best practices.

New Toolkits will be added approximately one each month over the next year.  Check out the link on the main Toolkits webpage for “More Toolkits to come” to see what we have planned and to share your suggestions. If you have depth and/or experience connected to any of these topics that you would like to share, please send an email to info@plantpurecommunities.org and let us know the details!

For new Group Leaders, we particularly recommend the Leadership Toolkit, which focuses on how to maintain and grow community member participation in a Pod.

For updates on what Pods are doing and how they are using the Toolkits, please be sure to regularly check out Pod News

Click here for a PDF version of this introduction to the PPC Toolkits.