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Dining out in a healthy way can require patience and creativity when you’re new to the whole food, plant-based (WFPB) lifestyle. While it’s best for your health to eat food you prepare for yourself, sometimes you may want to take a break from cooking at home, or to go out with friends and family. At first glance, a menu may not seem to offer any WFPB options. However, it’s almost always possible to adapt an entrée or create a meal from the appetizers and side dishes once you become familiar with what’s available. Let’s help get you started!
​If you’re interested in encouraging restaurants to change their menus so they are vegan/WFPB-friendly, join the Restaurant Campaign.


Dining Out: Choosing a Restaurant and Ordering

Learning to dine out in a healthy way can require patience and creativity when you’re new to the whole food, plant-based lifestyle.


Writing Reviews on Happy Cow and Other Apps

Suggestions on how to write a compelling, effective review from a health perspective on apps like HappyCow, and a list of other apps you can use to get the word out about plant-based meal options.



Dining at International and American Cuisine Restaurants

Guidance on the WFPB options that are commonly offered as part of a variety of cuisines.



Dining at Restaurant and Fast Food Chains

Use this list of dining establishments to figure out where there might be WFPB food choices.



Dining at People’s Homes

Dining out at the homes of friends and family can be a stressful experience, especially when you are new to the WFPB lifestyle. Use these tips for these social occasions to help you feel more comfortable.


“Tips for Designing a Meal” Card

Print this card, share it with others, and bring it with you when you dine out for inspiration when ordering.




Please use the Restaurant Campaign Reporting Form to report on healthy meals that have been added to restaurant menus – including electronic menus, special inserts/cards, specials boards, and traditional menus. Note: This form may be used to report on menu changes at more than one restaurant.


Please share your questions with us so that we can include them in this section! Email


The HappyCow website and app is a worldwide guide to vegan-friendly restaurants and health food stores.

VeganXpress is an on-the-run guide to what’s vegan at fast food and chain restaurants in the USA and beyond. iPhone users can purchase the app ($1.99) to assist them in finding vegan options at restaurants like Chipotle, Olive Garden, Applebee’s and more! is a worldwide, community-maintained guide to veg-friendly restaurants and shopping.

How to Explain You’re Vegan in 83 languages – printable cards which are free to download, developed by MaxLearning.

Leave a Card to Thank Your Chef – cards you can order through VistaPrint for a fee, developed by the Humane League.

Restaurant Comment Cards – leave a card for the restaurant to rate and/or ask for more plant-based options, developed by PETA. A free pack of 10 cards will be shipped to addresses within the U.S. and Canada.

Healthy Dining-Out Tips recommended by the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine.

“Dining Out When You Must,” recorded lecture from Mary McDougall, 2/15/2017

145 Vegan Chain Restaurant Menus Every Vegan Needs to Know (article)

How to Eat Vegan at Any Restaurant (article)