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The goal of the PlantPure Communities Restaurant Campaign is for every restaurant across the nation and around the globe to offer at least one plant-based, oil-free meal on their menu. Restaurants that satisfy this criteria are invited to apply for a free official Certificate that reflects their participation in the PlantPure Communities Restaurant Campaign. PPC recognizes there are other organizations working on similar initiatives. The intention is for this to be a cooperative, collaborative Campaign, and all are encouraged to formally Endorse the PPC Restaurant Campaign.

What it Means to be a PlantPure Communities Restaurant Campaign Endorser:

Show your support for the Campaign and get listed on the PlantPure Communities website as an “Endorser” with your organization name. Endorsers are also asked to share info about their Endorsement of the PPC Restaurant Campaign via an email, electronic newsletter, and/or social media with their members and followers. An entity that becomes an Endorser supports the following goals of the Restaurant Campaign:

  1. To increase the number of plant-based, oil-free meal options available to everyone when dining out locally or away from home.
  2. To shift the norm – so that it becomes expected that all restaurants offer at least one plant-based, oil-free menu option.
  3. To create a national buzz, by encouraging thousands of people across the country and around the globe to participate in the Campaign and amplify success stories, compiled data on local action, advocacy reports, and press releases.
  4. To demonstrate to restaurant owners and managers that offering plant-based, oil-free menu options is good for business.

Key Links:

To become an Endorser send an email to: