Did you know a diet of whole, plant-based foods (vegetables, fruits, whole grain cereals, legumes and nuts) can help prevent and reverse chronic diseases? 

This diet can also help defend against the worst effects of COVID-19! Read Part 1 & Part 2 commentaries by biochemist and nutrition researcher Dr. T. Colin Campbell.  

Join the Global 10-Day Jumpstart today – the first (and only) virtual immersion program with access to deeply discounted whole food, plant-based (WFPB) prepared meals!

The Global 10-Day Jumpstart kicked off June 21st. It’s a great introduction to eating healthy plant foods, especially for folks who have never tried it before, and you can participate from the comfort of your home! Once registered, we will begin sending tips for preparation and invite you to interactive webinars with medical doctors. It’s your choice how much you want to participate and at what pace. Many events are live, but you can watch the recording if you aren’t able to attend. Take this opportunity to find out what it’s all about – PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION!

The Jumpstart includes: 

Educational materials (video modules, encouraging daily bite-sized clips, detailed guidebook, recipes, cooking demos and more)

Access to interactive webinars with plant-based doctors and experts

An invitation to join our GJS Facebook community for ongoing support

A discount code for the WFPB meals (delivery available only within the continental U.S.)!


SCHOLARSHIPS: For folks who want to take this important step toward improved health, but aren’t in a position to pay. Send a one-paragraph email describing your need to globaljumpstart@plantpurecommunities.org.

Can’t join us in June? Sign up to be notified about the next Jumpstart!

This Global Jumpstart is a pioneering collaboration between PlantPure Communities and PlantPure, Inc.