Directory of Pod Support 

This document describes the wide and growing range of support offered to Pods and their leaders – known as Group Leaders. It also provides links to access more resources, many of which are also listed on this webpage.

Pod Network Office Hours – register for the next OH webinar, scheduled for Monday, 10/28 at 7pm ET!

Monthly, informal hour-long webinars allow Group Leaders to ‘drop in’ and ask questions they have about their Pod, Pod Support Programs, or the Pod Network in general. The Office Hours also serve as an opportunity to network with passionate plant-based leaders from around the world. GLs can register for an OH prior to the webinar to pre-submit questions they want answered. Experienced GLs and PPC Regional Managers will be present at each OH to offer support, answer questions, and share experiences. All GLs are encouraged to attend OH webinars when available to connect with other GLs, network, and discuss new ideas for their Pods. OH are recorded and are available to watch in the Tips for Leading a Pod Playlist.


Topic-specific project guides designed by PPC to support Group Leaders in engaging their Pods in activities intended to create positive change in their communities. A good place to start is with the Leadership Toolkit

Mentor Program

The Mentor Program exists to support Group Leaders who are new to the Pod Network or who could use some extra support/guidance. If you are interested in working with a Mentor or becoming a Mentor, please complete one of the following forms:

Would you like to connect with an experienced “mentor” Group Leader to help grow your Pod? For Group Leaders Seeking a Mentor:

Would you like to volunteer to be a Mentor to other Group Leaders? For Group Leaders who want to become a Mentor:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from Group Leaders and our answers.

Monthly Pod Engagement Suggestions

Chronological listing of the Engagement Suggestions newsletters which are sent out on a monthly basis to all Group Leaders. These newsletters are designed to help plan the focus of your next Pod Meeting, include videos and recipes to share with Pod members, and more!


The materials on the Resources webpage are great to share with Pod members! You can print them yourself to share at Pod meetings, or let Pod members know about the Resource webpage to connect them with recommended websites, Info Sheets to share with Pod members, PPC eBooks, and FAQs about the Pod Network.

Facebook Group for Group Leaders

Created specifically for Group Leaders in the Pod Network, you can use this private group to interact with other Group Leaders and stay up-to-date on resources and happenings at PPC specific to the Pod Network. All Group Leaders are encouraged to join to collaborate on ideas and find a sense of connection with those united in the plant-based movement in their local communities.

PPC Pod Badge

This badge is intended for Group Leaders to use on your websites and flyers to show your Pod’s connection to the PPC Pod Network. (A preview of the badge is available here.) If you’d like to use the Badge, please complete the Pod Leader License Agreement to Use Pod Network Badge form and then email to let us know you’ve submitted the form. By using the badge, you certify that your Pod is a member organization of the PlantPure Communities Pod Network; and that your Pod has read and adopted the PlantPure Communities Culinary Philosophy. This badge is restricted to Pod-related use only.

Pod Growth Report Form 

Please let us know how many members are in your Pod. A Pod Member can be defined as anyone who is currently registered on a Pod page, joined a Facebook and/or MeetUp group for a Pod, or subscribed to a Pod’s email list. It is up to the Group Leader’s discretion to determine when someone should no longer be considered a member.

Submit Your Pod News 

Please let us know what’s happening with your Pod. We love to hear about your events! Use this form to submit a photo and description of your Pod’s recent event. We may post it on our Pod News webpage and our social media. Send an email to with questions.

Group Leader Responsibilities and Rules of Conduct 

This guidance was provided as part of the Group Leader application process and is posted here for reference.