The PlantPure Nation film is available for Pods to screen without paying for a license to do so! As of April 2017, there is no longer a licensing fee to screen the film to a group of people. That is true whether an admission fee is charged to viewers or the screening is free and open to the public.

PlantPure Nation is available to watch for free on YouTube. You may also purchase a copy of the film (whether on DVD or digital). Please visit the PlantPure, Inc. Store for copies of the DVD, or get a digital download here.

If you’re planning a screening and would like to use the film poster, download this file (you may need to right click and select “save as…”). Add your screening details to the top of the page, in the yellow section.

Action Sheet: PPN Film Screening

Many Pods have found that screening the PlantPure Nation film by Nelson Campbell creates a sense of community and purpose, and helps to provide context to Pod members for both the origins of the Pod Network as well as how their Pod is a part of a larger grassroots movement. Check out this Action Sheet for guidance on screening the film!


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