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To establish a sense of cohesion within our Pod network, we give Pods the option of using “PlantPure” in their name.

We suggest using your unique identifying/community name first, then “PlantPure Pod” (_________ PlantPure Pod). If you would like to use the “PlantPure” name, your Pod must abide by the terms in an agreement that PPC can provide to Pod leaders after they go through the Pod application and approval process, as follows:

  • Our Pod will adhere to PPC’s Culinary Philosophy when serving food at events and providing information through your social media and/or website(s), AND
  • No one in our Pod will sell or promote their goods or services (including but not limited to food, supplements, health care products, etc.) at Pod events or through the Pod’s social media and/or website(s). (Pod leaders may have a related business, such as a health coaching business, and still serve in a leadership role, but such business should not be comingled with the Pod and should have a different name), AND
  • No one in our Pod will claim to be a health professional if such accreditation has not been obtained, AND
  • Our Pod will not charge a fee for people to become members. (Pod members can voluntarily help, however, in paying for a meeting space, food supplies, film licensing fees, printed material costs, or anything else required for a Pod activity and Pods can charge the public participation in Pod-sponsored events such as Veg fests, speaker presentations, or film showings), AND
  • No one in our Pod will pose as a member of the PlantPure Communities staff or board or use the PPC name or logo for any purpose, except that Pods are permitted to use “PlantPure” within their name subject to this license agreement.