Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Do you have a personal medical question?

A: Questions about personal medical conditions or specific nutrient requirements are difficult to answer without knowing your complete medical history. We ask that you please refrain from sending these questions, but if you wish to arrange a telemedicine consultation with Dr. Klaper or another experienced plant-based physician to discuss your health issues, please schedule this through: 

Q: Will all of the sessions be recorded and available to review at a later date if you cannot attend live?

A: When you sign up for the Master Class you will automatically receive a recording of each session (and the associated case study), as we recognize that people may be participating from different time zones and will be unable to view every session live.

Q: What is the length of time the materials will be available for folks who enroll? Are they available to download for lifetime access?

A: Access to the video recordings will be available to all enrollees for 1 year (to download) after the last session. Once downloaded you will have lifetime access, and there is no additional cost.

Q: What is the difference between this Master Class and the plant-based nutrition course offered through the Center for Nutrition Studies? How does it differ from other plant-based nutrition classes?

A: The Master Class in Plant-based Clinical Nutrition builds on much of the basic science presented in the CNS course to give those in the clinical healing arts, especially medical students and practicing physicians new to the concept, a nutritional framework with which to better understand the diseases they are treating. It is intended to be clinician-to-clinician guidance on disease reversal using plant-based nutrition as the foundation. Those with basic science training, including health coaches and people who want to heal from degenerative diseases, would also find the Master Classes of benefit. In terms of comparison, these Master Classes are largely for students and clinicians who want to learn how to use plant-based nutrition in their practices and why it works.

Q: What is included when you sign up for the Master Class?

A: The Master Class includes access to 12 bi-weekly webinars (and their recordings) led by clinician Michael Klaper, M.D, as well as 12 clinical cases, which will be sent to enrollees, along with supporting citations, references and scientific articles, and thought-provoking questions that invite the participants to analyze and understand the role of the patient’s diet in fostering both health and disease.

Q: Does each class need to be completed on a bi-weekly basis or can the course be completed at your own pace?

A: After each live webinar a recording will be sent out to everyone who registered for the Master Class. You are welcome to view the recordings and associated materials at your own pace. Please note that access to the video/recording will be available to all enrollees for 1 year after the last session.

Q: Does participation in the Master Class result in earning a certificate?

A: Yes, all enrollees will receive a certificate of participation in the Master Class after Class 12.

Q: When is the deadline to sign up?

A: There is no deadline for signing up. If you sign up after the Master Class commences you will receive links to the classes and materials that you have missed.

Q: When will I receive the case studies?

A: The first session of the MMF Master Class will take place on July 12th from 7 – 9pm (eastern). This first class will cover the fundamentals of plant-based nutrition, so no case study will be sent, but there are supporting materials and thought-provoking questions that will set the tone for the course that will be sent a few days prior. For all future disease-specific classes, one or more case studies, along with the resources sheet, will be emailed to all enrollees approximately four days prior to the Master Class. (If you do not receive the case study by Thursday prior to the class, please send us an email: