PlantPure Communities Oasis Jumpstart Program 

2018 National Open Invitation

Let’s help people get access to healthy food and nutrition education, regardless of their background, location, or socioeconomic status!

The nonprofit organization, PlantPure Communities, Inc. (PPC), is inviting local groups across the U.S. to apply to participate in the 2018 Oasis Jumpstart Program. Through Oasis, healthy meals and nutrition education are being made available to low-income, food-desert, and other underserved neighborhoods at affordable and subsidized prices. For this round, PPC expects to partner with up to 10 organizations to carry out local Oasis Jumpstart Pilots. Local nonprofit organizations, community-based groups, and Pods, as well as medical clinics, schools, and researchers, are invited to apply.

The selected Local Partner Group will be responsible for coordinating the on-the-ground 10-day jumpstart and follow-up support. No funding commitment from the selected Local Partner Group is required, only a commitment of staff and also a willingness to work with PlantPure Communities and others to help secure additional resources for the Pilot. The submission due date is May 21st.