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Pod Leader Support Portal

Are you a Pod leader?
If so, we welcome you to enter PPC’s Pod Leader Support Hub!
If you are not yet a Pod leader, feel free to look around the site and become inspired to start your own Pod.


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Pod Leader Support Hub

You’ve already taken the initiative to start a Pod and joined hundreds of Pod leaders from around the world in creating lasting change. Now you have a chance to expand your knowledge, share resources with your Pod members, and build your confidence in running your Pod events. This portal will start you on a journey through the many resources we have created to support you in leading your Pod.

PlantPure Communities developed this support system based on the feedback received from and our experience working with Pod leaders since the Pod Network became part of PPC in late 2016. Our Pod Leader Support Hub, and our Earth, Water, and Fire Pod Support Tracks offer different resources based on the three general categories of Pods we have supported over the years. Every new Pod starts at Basecamp to prepare for trekking along any one of these Tracks.

Each Track provides a guide to the activities and resources you may need to help you run your Pod, as well as support from your Pod Support team member. You have the freedom to follow a different Track if you change your Pod’s focus over time. If you have questions about the Track your Pod is on, please contact your Pod Support Team member.

We hope you enjoy the journey of leading a Pod and feel supported by our Pod Leader Support Hub!

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How Do I Get Involved?

A cornerstone of the Pod Network is inclusiveness. People from all walks of life and at different stages in their wellness or plant-based journeys have an open invitation to get involved. We invite you to join a Pod in your neighborhoodbecome a community leader and start a Pod, or register your existing group in the Pod Network. Gain support and support others in discovering improved health for ourselves, our family and friends, and our communities.