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Submit a Restaurant for the Restaurant Campaign!

The goal of the PlantPure Communities (PPC) Restaurant Campaign is for every restaurant across the nation and across the globe to offer on their menu at least one plant-based meal with no oil. Check out the Launch a Restaurant Campaign course for a step-by-step guide on how to transform your conversation with a waiter into a plant-based, oil-free item on the restaurant’s menu.

Please use this form to report on the “plant-based, oil-free meal options” (defined below) that have been added to one or more restaurant menus. (Note: this may include electronic menus, special inserts/cards, specials boards, and traditional menus.) Please refer to the Action Sheet: PlantPure Communities Restaurant Campaign and Certificate for more information on guidelines for receiving the Certificate.

Meal Criteria: Offer one or more meals that contain 1) No animal products (vegan) — no dairy products, no butter, no eggs, no fish, no honey, etc. and; 2) Oil-free (refraining from using ingredients or products containing oil, and also refraining from adding any other kind of oil to the meal).

Menu Criteria: Indicate on the menu (online, printed or chalkboard menu) that the meal contains: i) no animal products/vegan; and ii) oil-free. It is acceptable to indicate on the menu that such options are available upon request.

PPC Restaurant Campaign Certificate Application