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from food to freedom documentary film

Imagine what would happen if you took six people suffering from type 2 diabetes and put them in a house together for 10 days, with only delicious food as their medicine. That’s what filmmaker Nelson Campbell and his team did. The results were astounding.

Message from the Director
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Director’s Letter

In our film, we highlight a powerful message and hold to account the forces who suppress this information and profit from our sickness. Challenging the status quo is hard, so we are grateful for the financial support we get from people like you. Please consider supporting our work.

Our next film will focus on a powerful idea for environmental healing. We’ll delve into a range of issues to make the case for a natural regenerative strategy for sequestering carbon, reducing methane emissions, and healing the ecosystems on our planet.

We’ll then use this film to raise money for a research project led by a world-renowned researcher to validate this approach. It’s urgent that we create a natural alternative to the ideas of technologists growing more popular by the day, such as the idea for shooting aerosols into our atmosphere to block sunlight, forevermore turning our skies a hazy white and likely leading to unforeseen dire outcomes.

Please consider becoming a supporter of this important work.

Thank you,
Nelson Campbell