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Our modern healthcare system has failed to stem the rising tide of chronic disease. Its primary weapons, a plethora of pharmaceuticals, mostly focus on symptoms and do not address root causes. As the number of people suffering from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and obesity continues to skyrocket, there is a growing recognition that these chronic problems are somehow connected to what we eat.

Research has proven that a whole food plant-based diet is optimal for humans. This diet can not only prevent chronic diseases, but also reverse serious conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. PPC’s recent film production, From Food to Freedom, tells an inspiring story that demonstrates this healing power.

PPC’s senior science advisor is Dr. T. Colin Campbell. Dr. Campbell is known by millions of people around the world for his pioneering research validating the health benefits of a plant-based diet. His work is highlighted in the PlantPure Nation and From Food to Freedom films, and is detailed in the best-selling book, “The China Study.” Nelson Campbell, who founded and now leads PPC is the son of Dr. Campbell.

In addition to its dramatic healing power, plant-based foods are also good for our environment.

Our modern diet, rich in animal-based and processed foods, contributes to soil loss, groundwater contamination, depletion of deep aquifers, deforestation, and biodiversity loss. Importantly, these food choices are also contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and reduced carbon sequestration capacity.

It is estimated that animal-based food requires about fifty times more land and water resources than the same number of calories of plant-based food, which has over time caused massive deforestation. In the tropics today, as much as 80% of deforestation is attributable to new farmland production used for livestock grazing and feed.