Toolkits are topic-specific project guides developed particularly to support the PlantPure Communities Pod Network. Nevertheless, the Toolkits offer significant value for many other purposes, as well. Here are our recommendations for how to use them.

The Leadership Toolkit provides Group Leaders (GLs) with guidance on how to maintain and grow community member participation in their Pods (also known as Groups). This Toolkit also offers instructions on how to strengthen the internal structure of Pods by fostering inclusivity and engagement.

Organizing a VegFest can focus attention in the community on the benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle by introducing this lifestyle to those unfamiliar with it while simultaneously supporting and inspiring those who already embrace it. 

If you ever asked a restaurant to adjust a menu item to remove animal products, you are already participating in this Campaign. Join PPC’s national advocacy Campaign so your efforts contribute to the larger movement. Valuable tips for dining out are also included in this Toolkit.

PPC is in the process of creating multiple Toolkits, releasing approximately one each month. We invite you to send us feedback on both form and substance via email.