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Become a Changemaker!

PlantPure Communities is looking for community leaders who are interested in health, sustainability, and social action to participate in our plant-based Changemakers Jumpstart program. This program serves as an introduction to eating a plant-based diet, so if you already eat that way, please invite a friend to participate!

Questions? Email us at (Please note that we are not currently receiving applications for this program.)

Who is a Changemaker?

We have kept the definition of Changemaker vague because, in truth, we can all make significant change. We hope to reach community leaders, educators, business owners, fitness instructors, physicians, nurses, and others who aren’t already eating whole food, plant-based, but are willing to give it a try! If you know a “Changemaker” who is interested in trying a plant-based diet, this pilot program could be just what they need!

What is the Changemakers Jumpstart?

The Jumpstart is a 10-day immersion which includes daily motivational and educational lessons accompanied by whole food, plant-based meal starters. The online lessons include videos about the science and benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. The Jumpstart also comes with a detailed PDF guidebook for participants to reference throughout their healthy journey.

Immerse yourself in plant-based nutrition education for 10 days.

Enjoy delicious and easy-to-cook meal starters shipped to your home.

Thanks to an “Eat The Change” Impact Grant, you’ll save $100 on program costs – only pay $50.

Share your plant-based knowledge with your community to promote health & sustainability.

10 Days of plant-based Meal Starters

To support your plant-based Jumpstart, you will be shipped 10-days worth of lunches and dinners in the form of Meal Starters. These include a simple recipe and dry ingredients – you just add fresh produce and beans or grains (the instructions and ingredient list are provided).

Promote health & sustainability in your community

Our food choices greatly impact human and planetary health. By becoming a Changemaker and participating in the Jumpstart, you will be well equipped to bring the plant-based nutrition message to your community. To further support your work and grow your plant-based community, you will be invited to join our global Pod Network for ongoing resources and opportunities to grow the movement.

Share the Changemakers program

We welcome you to invite members of your community to participate in the Changemakers Jumpstart. If you know someone who might be interested, share the flyer with them!

Here are some ideas of community groups we think would make a good fit:

  • Faith-based organizations
  • Physician practices
  • Workplaces
  • Schools
  • The general public

Meet your Changemaker Mentor!

Esther, an intern with PlantPure Communities, will be supporting you as you try out the whole food, plant-based diet for 10 days. Esther says: I want to ensure that your voice is heard by documenting your stories of change, inspired by your new PlantPure knowledge. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” I genuinely believe we all are Changemakers who instinctively want to make our world better. As we heal ourselves, the world naturally changes! I love to guide people toward the knowledge and bounty of plant-based food. I am honored to join you on this Changemaker journey!