The PlantPure Communities (PPC) Pod Network emerged out of the 2015 film PlantPure Nation with the goal of creating and supporting a grassroots movement by empowering a network of independent local groups (Pods) and people to promote the benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. In November 2016, the Pod Network was transferred from PlantPure, Inc. to being under the umbrella of the nonprofit, PlantPure Communities. Download this flyer about the Pod Network to share with others and get involved today!


A cornerstone of the Pod Network is inclusiveness. People from all walks of life and at different stages in their wellness or plant-based journey have an open invitation to become a participant in the Pod Network at any time. To date, there are close to 500 groups across the globe with tens of thousands of people involved in the Pod Network. Participation is free, and offers support and networking opportunities to everyone interested in learning, incorporating, advocating and practicing a whole food, plant-based lifestyle.

We invite you to join a Pod in your neighborhoodbecome a Group Leader and start a Pod, or register your existing group in the Pod Network. Gain support and support others in discovering improved health for ourselves, our family and friends, and our communities.


People join Pods to support one another and work together to spread the message of plant-based nutrition in their communities, as well as have fun and build friendships. Pod members may choose to educate others in their community on the connections of a plant-based lifestyle to our health, the environment, farming, animal welfare, and food and health inequities. The Pod Network enables people and organizations that have worked separately in the past to come together around the unifying idea of plant-based nutrition. Pods can use the PlantPure Nation film, community-building online tools and events, and other resources in their outreach efforts.

If you have questions, please contact us or visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.