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Defend against the worst effects of COVID-19!

Commentary Part 1: Our Most Important Defense Against COVID-19

Commentary Part 2: The Path to Recovery through Nutrition

Press Release: Another Way to Flatten the Curve – Our Food Choices

Press Release: Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic: Testing, Tracing, & Nutrition

Press Release: NY Groups Request of Gov. Cuomo

NY Viewpoint: Better diet would fortify us against next virus

Pod Letter to Gov. Cuomo (NY)

Press Release: GA Groups Request of Gov. Kemp

 GA Opinion: Better nutrition could help fight COVID-19

Pod Letter to Gov. Kemp (GA)

Press Release: PA Groups Request of Gov. Wolf

Pod Letter to Gov. Wolf (PA)

Press Release: TX Groups Request of Gov. Abbott

Pod Letter to Gov. Abbott (TX)

Press Release: Welsh Group Request of First Minister

Pod Letter to First Minister (Wales)