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Here are some of the questions about the Pod Network we get asked regularly and our answers. If you have questions about the Pod Network which are not answered here, please email

What do I do if I try to join a local Pod, but the leaders of that Pod are not responding to me?

Pod leaders are required to respond promptly to emails or other outreach from people inquiring about participation in their Pod. This responsibility is listed first in their list of Pod responsibilities as defined by PlantPure Communities (“PPC”). If you are inquiring for further information about participation in a local Pod, but are not getting a response, please contact us at

What is the PlantPure Communities Pod network?

The PPC Pod Network offers support and networking opportunities to everyone interested in learning about, practicing, and advocating a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. Participation is free. Pods are supported by PPC, but function as independent groups. Examples of Pods include local “meetups,” vegetarian/vegan societies, churches, schools, and nonprofit organizations. Both new and existing groups and organizations are welcome to join the Pod network.

What is a Pod and what is its purpose?

A “Pod” is a local group led by one or more Pod Leaders and participating in a grassroots movement to build a plant-based world by supporting and educating their local communities about the benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle through Pod meetings and other activities. Many Pods meet monthly over a potluck, where they can swap recipes, hear an educational presentation, provide social support to one another, and plan and engage in strategies to share the plant-based message in their community.

Why the term “Pod”?

Envision a pea plant with numerous pea pods growing on it. These groups are like the pods on a plant, containing sowing seeds of change in their local communities.

How is PPC related to other PlantPure entities, such as the movie, PlantPure Nation, or the PlantPure foods business?

PPC was formed as an outgrowth of the 2015 hit movie, PlantPure Nation, which documents the political and economic factors suppressing the plant-based message. This film includes a call to action for people to join the Pod network. PPC was formed to support this rapidly growing network.

PlantPure is a foods business operating independently of PPC, but providing philanthropic support to PPC. Most important is PlantPure’s commitment to provide its line of Healthy Helper food products to support outreach in under-resourced communities. PlantPure has agreed to provide this food at cost, waiving its profit margin, in support of these efforts.

Is there a membership fee to join the PlantPure Communities Pod Network?

No, PPC does not charge membership fees and Pod leaders are prohibited from charging membership fees.

How do I find out if there’s a Pod where I live? How can I join a Pod?

Visit our Pod directory map. Once you find a Pod you’d like to join, click on “More Details” and that will direct you to the Pod’s primary communication method. As noted above, if you do not get a prompt response from a Pod leader, please contact us at

What can I do if there’s no local Pod in my area?

If you discover there’s not a Pod in your town or city yet, you can start one! We invite you to fill out this short application form.

If I already have or belong to a group, am I allowed to become part of the Pod network?

Yes! Already established groups are welcome to join the Pod network.