PPC’s Info Sheet: Dining at Restaurants & Fast Food Chains

Provides tips for choosing healthy, plant-based dining options at restaurants and fast food chains.

PPC’s Info Sheet: WFPB Diet Explained for the Individual

Explains the differences between Vegan, Vegetarian, and WFPB diets.

PPC’s Info Sheet: Breakfast, Snacks, and Meal Tips Guide

Provides ideas for quick and easy options for WFPB breakfasts and snacks, as well as tips for flavouring meals.

PPC’s Info Sheet: Culinary Philosophy

Explains PPC’s culinary philosophy and what it means to be “PlantPure.”

PPC’s Info Sheet: Everyday Plant-Based Substitutions

Traditional family favorites can easily be transformed into delicious WFPB meals using this list of plant-based substitutions for non-WFPB items like meat, eggs, dairy, and oils. A little ingredient substitution goes a long way.

PCRM’s Vegetarian Starter Guide

The Physicians Committee’s Vegetarian Starter Guide is designed to help people understand why and how a transition to a plant-based lifestyle can be done in simple, effective steps. Although the title includes the term, “vegetarian,” it is applicable to vegans.

Educational Materials are also available in Spanish:

–  Guide to Dining Out – “Restaurante Y Fast Food Options” (coming soon)

–  Breakfast, Snacks, and Meal Tips Guide (coming soon)

–  Guide to Everyday Plant-Based Substitutions (coming soon)

–  PCRM’s Guía de Iniciación para una Dieta Vegetariana