PPC’s Info Sheet: Dining at Restaurants & Fast Food Chains

Provides tips for choosing healthy, plant-based dining options at restaurants and fast food chains.

PPC’s Info Sheet: WFPB Diet Explained for the Individual

Explains the differences between Vegan, Vegetarian, and WFPB diets.

PPC’s Info Sheet: Breakfast, Snacks, and Meal Tips Guide

Provides ideas for quick and easy options for WFPB breakfasts and snacks, as well as tips for flavouring meals.

PPC’s Info Sheet: Culinary Philosophy

Explains PPC’s culinary philosophy and what it means to be “PlantPure.”

PPC’s Info Sheet: Everyday Plant-Based Substitutions

Traditional family favorites can easily be transformed into delicious WFPB meals using this list of plant-based substitutions for non-WFPB items like meat, eggs, dairy, and oils. A little ingredient substitution goes a long way.

Educational Materials are also available in Spanish:

–  PCRM’s Guía de Iniciación para una Dieta Vegetariana

–  Guide to Dining Out – “Restaurante Y Fast Food Options” (coming soon)

–  Breakfast, Snacks, and Meal Tips Guide (coming soon)

–  Guide to Everyday Plant-Based Substitutions (coming soon)

PCRM’s Nutrition Education Curriculum

The Physicians Committee’s nutrition education curriculum is designed for use in medical offices, worksites, and anywhere people will benefit from learning about the lifesaving effects of healthful eating.  The curriculum is comprised of 18 sessions that will help those with concerns about diabetes, weight, cholesterol, or any other condition where nutrition plays a role, understand how a WFPB lifestyle can stop, prevent, and even reverse those conditions.  More information regarding the curriculum, including the ability to download it in its entirety, may be be found here.

PCRM’s Vegetarian Starter Guide

The Physicians Committee’s Vegetarian Starter Guide is designed to help people understand why and how a transition to a plant-based lifestyle can be done in simple, effective steps. Although the title includes the term, “vegetarian,” it is applicable to vegans.