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IMPORTANT AFFIRMATION: By participating in the Global Jumpstart, I understand that this Program involves a pronounced change in my diet. I understand that these changes could affect my health, and that I should consult with my physician before, during, and after participation in the Program, particularly if I am taking any medications. I understand that changing to a whole food, plant-based diet could cause rapid healing, which could cause my medication requirements to change. If I am taking medication for diabetes, especially insulin, or medication for high blood pressure, I understand that my physician and I will need to closely monitor my changing health in the event that it is necessary to adjust my medication(s) during and after the Program. If I am diabetic, I understand that my failure to monitor my blood glucose levels closely and to inform my doctor promptly of any changes could cause serious harm and even hypoglycemic shock. In addition to the information provided in this Program, we recommend that you review other sources of information, such as the books and cookbooks recommended here. It is important that you consult your doctor and take as much initiative as possible to become educated on the issues impacting your health.

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