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Before the declaration of the COVID-19 Pandemic by the World Health Organization, Group Leader Karen Nash of the WFPBForLife Pod in Rocklin, CA, brought the Ditch Dairy initiative to her community through a WFPB ice cream social. To help orient the new Pod members, Karen explained the benefits of joining the Pod and the benefits of the plant-based diet. 

Everyone in attendance was new to the Pod, and many hadn’t heard about the connection between dairy and chronic diseases. The members were able to experience firsthand how delicious dairy-free ice cream could be as the Pod made three different ice cream flavors together. They experimented with Kim Campbell’s pineapple sorbet from her PlantPure Nation Cookbook and with two of Karen’s personal recipes. Karen and her Pod were excited to realize that they could enjoy an ice cream social and promote their health at the same time!  



Original Submission received from Karen Nash of WFPBForLife on February 02, 2020






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