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Group Leader Jennifer Sinyerd of Alberta Whole Food Plant Based Society had the privilege of working with a team of 30+ volunteers on February the 15th to put on a Plant Based Health Forum and Documentary Screening in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada). It was a fabulous day with over 300 people in attendance — triple Jennifer’s original goal! Jennifer also had the support of another Edmonton Group Leader, Liana Tiriac, who helped with the preparations. 

The Program Schedule included a pre-film party with plant-based food samples, a DJ, photo booth, and info table. After the screening of PlantPure Nation, there was a Q&A with WFPB Dr. Stephan Potgieter & Dr. Danny Thomas.

The Alberta Whole Food Plant Based Society Pod is a non-profit organization. While tickets were sold at $6 a person to cover costs, the non-profit gave free tickets to those with financial need. The non-profit also received a grant from VegFund, a charitable pro-veg organization who has given small grants to many Pods in the PlantPure Communities Pod Network. In-kind donations (non-financial contributions of goods and services) also supported the event. Restaurants provided food samples at no cost, and the DJ, who happened to be plant-based, played music at a reduced rate. The group saved money on advertising by offering plant-based restaurants free tickets in return for social media advertising on their business accounts. 

The theater venue composed the greatest financial cost. While more affordable alternatives were available, Jennifer wanted to create a more “authentic movie outing feel.” The theater helped bring the cost down by waiving certain fees.

Jennifer offered to share advice with anyone interested in creating a similar event in their city, and she looks forward to hosting more events in the future! You can contact Jennifer and follow her Pod via the website:

Original Submission received from Jennifer Sinyerd, Group Leader of Alberta Whole Food Plant Based Society in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) on February 16, 2020.

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