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June 7, 2018

The PlantPure Communities Mentor Program was created to strengthen and grow the Pod Network and the greater plant-based grassroots movement. The Program matches experienced Group Leaders (GLs), with new or struggling GLs, based on their  locality (e.g., rural, suburban, urban) and interests (such as hosting meetings, growing membership, and participating in the Restaurant Campaign). Mentor GLs offer advice, tips, and knowledge about their own experiences leading a Pod, as well as answer questions from Mentees.

The Mentor Program commenced December 2017 with three initial matches. Six months later, there have been 13 Mentor pairs who have completed the 3-month match-up, with another six pairs currently active. Once matched, the pairs are encouraged to ‘talk’, approximately two times a month, for three months. These mentoring sessions occur over email, phone, skype, or in person (if the pair are proximate to each other). Several GLs willingly mentored multiple Mentees at one time, taking the time to connect and support each one of them. One of these superstar Mentors that we are spotlighting today is Amy Tasetano, who is the GL of the SW Florida Healthy Eating Pod and Venice Healthy Eating Pod in Florida. To date, Amy has been mentored five group leaders.

Read what Amy had to say about the Mentor Program:

Q: How has the Mentor Program been meaningful to you?

A: As a leader of two PlantPure Communities Pods, I enjoy sharing much of my knowledge about the Whole Food, Plant Based Lifestyle with my members. As a Pod Mentor, I am given the opportunity to make an even greater impact on a larger scale.  The Mentees I work with, some of who are new to this diet, share my desire to help others who wish to learn about this lifestyle. They also, like me, wish to create a community with like minded people. When these Mentees are successful, they in turn help even more people. As a Mentor, I am able to positively touch so many more people that are outside of my local community. The more successful Pods we create, the more opportunities others have to participate in this movement. I feel honored to be involved in the creation of a ripple effect, improving the diet and health of others as well as benefiting the underserved, our environment and the animals.

Q: What have you gotten out of being a Mentor?

A: As a Mentor, I have made friends with Mentees who share my goals and ideals about this lifestyle and helping others. It is nice to share conversations with fellow leaders who are facing challenges, some of which I have conquered. This gives me pride in knowing how far I have come as a Pod leader and that I can help others do the same.

​Q: Please share any additional thoughts about the Mentor Program:

A: I encourage Pod leaders to participate in the Mentor Program as it is very rewarding. ​Sharing successes, challenges, strategies, pearls of wisdom and experiences can help both Mentor and Mentee. ​I also hope that new (and not so new) Pod leaders make use of this program as we all do better when we are in this together.

PlantPure Communities is very appreciative of the hard work and dedication all of the Mentors have contributed to the Program.

If you are an active Group Leader who has been running a Pod for over six months, please sign up to be a Mentor! We are looking for inspiring, enthusiastic, and motivated GLs to support the Pods and strengthen the plant-based movement. Sign up here to become a Mentor: 

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