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Group Leader Margaret Benet-Alder of Whole Food, Plant Based Toronto wrote a fun poem for us!

What do you do when you’re 92
and lonely and blue
with nothing to do?
Join PPC. Wahoo!

That’s right! At 82, Margaret’s brother told her about the China Study. With a degree in home economics and a career teaching nutrition, Margaret resonated with T Colin Campbell’s work. She then completed the McDougall weight loss program and lost 25 pounds in 2 short months. She has maintained her optimal weight ever since and has more energy at 92 than most have at 70!

Margaret also has experience leading large organizational groups. She was the lead organizer for “La Leche League – Canada” part of an international, public health initiative to teach women about breastfeeding. After ten years of working with the Canada division, she was overseeing 400 different La Leche League group leaders!

We welcome Margaret’s enthusiasm and her partnership with her neighbor Christina Cali. Margaret hosts Pod events at her home to welcome and share knowledge with friends from the communities she’s involved in. Christina provides support via social media to spread this movement to the broader Toronto community. Welcome aboard Margaret and Christina!

Original Submission received from Margaret Bennet-Alder, Group Leader of Whole Food Plant Based Toronto in Ontario, Canada on September 20, 2019. 

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