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Plant Powered Plano Meeting Prior to the Pandemic

PlantPure Communities receives reports from around the world that tell us how Pods are adapting to social distancing measures while holding regular meetings.

Patricia Thompson, Group Leader of Plant Powered Plano, has switched her in-person Pod meetings to Facebook Live Classes. Patricia just hosted her second meeting in which she educated her Pod Members about a plant-based pantry, how to cook easy plant-based meals and a discussion about successful grocery shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Michael Dorfman, Group Leader of The Vegan Wave SMA, shared an educational Zoom virtual meeting for the members of his community in San Miguel, Mexico. During his meeting, he shared a PowerPoint titled, “The Coronavirus and Our Immune System” (which he is happy to share with other Group Leaders). A handful of community members attended the meeting live but after Michael shared the recording to his Pod Facebook group, even more people have been able to view it. With this successful first virtual meeting, Michael and his Pod are planning a follow-up Zoom meeting in early April with more discussion and participation.

Original Submission received from Patricia Thompson, Group Leader of the Plant Powered Plano and Michael Dorfman, Group Leader of The Vegan Wave SMA on March 25, 2020





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