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November 10, 2018

The Path to Health Pod in Israel regularly hosts events where participants learn about the benefits of healthy whole food, plant-based eating. The Group Leader, David Goldstein, teaches about nutrition, ethics, sustainability, economics, and compassion to people who are completely new to this way of eating. During these events, participants are offered delicious food, which they later learn to be free from animal products, oil, salt, and sugar. The participants have an “immediate epiphany” when they realize how delicious this food is, inspiring them to adjust their diets and be part of the change. David reports that unanimously the participants find the food “good to the last drop” and “finger licking good” – there is never any food left behind!

To date, the Pod has reached over 2,000 people directly through these events, and many more indirectly through word-of-mouth and online information. David has big plans to launch a campaign to end world hunger, where he will work with hotels, catering halls, and community organizations to provide healthy, WFPB meals to local people who cannot afford to buy their own food. Learn more about the Path to Health Pod and the inspiring projects and plans here:

Original Submission received from David Goldstein, Group Leader of the Path to Health Pod in Israel.

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