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PlantPure Communities receives reports from around the world from Pods about how they are adapting to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Plant-Based Pittsburgh Pod in Pennsylvania wanted to help their community during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing education and by donating food. Pod leaders decided that they would make meal kits containing key ingredients for plant-based meals, along with easy recipes and information about healthful plant-centered eating. The Pod members worked together to both donate and assemble packages with information and nutrition. 

Pod leaders sent out a call to action, asking that Pod members donate from a predetermined list of foods. Members donated non-perishable items and recipes, while volunteers packed meal kits in clear plastic bags with the label “Donated by Plant-Based Pittsburgh, Be Healthy.”

 The Pod delivered the first round of meals on May 5th, 2020. A local news reporter and film crew joined the Pod — offering great publicity while helping to connect the city with their local plant-based community in Pittsburgh.

Original Submission received from Sally Lipsky, Group Leader of Plant-Based Pittsburgh on May 1, 2020





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