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Group Leaders and Pod Members from Boston, MA; Providence, RI; and New York, NY met at Plant City in Providence, RI two weeks after the plant-based food hall opened in the summer of 2019. Everyone was so excited to meet other people connected with the Pod Network, get a tour of Plant City, and share a delicious plant-based meal over engaging conversation. When Group Leaders from different cities establish relationships with each other, the Pod Network strengthens as resources, knowledge, and connections are shared between Pods. It was fantastic for Ella Stephens, Pod Support Programs Manager from PPC, to witness these flourishing relationships, and to be able to offer advice based on her work with the Pod Network. 

Everyone was amazed by Plant City’s decor and dining options, and is eager to make a return trip. Don’t miss stopping by Plant City if you’re in the area!

Original Submission received from Ella Stephens, Pod Support Programs Manager for PlantPure Communities on June 29, 2019.

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