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Group Leader Badru Muzidalifah, and his Pod, Plant Powered Uganda, received a letter of appreciation from the District Governor in Uganda for their work in the community. Badru is a native of Kalisizo, Uganda, and left his university to take care of several orphaned children from his village, all of whom he is raising to be vegan. 

Badru is very passionate about educating community members about a whole food, plant-based diet and providing them with healthy food from his community garden. 

Plant Powered Uganda has grown to over 600 Pod Members. This past spring, the Pod received a generous gift of seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, a seed company who contacted PlantPure Communities with the offer to donate seeds to Pods. Badru stated, “Our garden has truly grown so fast and our crops are so beautiful. Our 38 acres of pineapple looks good as well as our bananas, maize, beans, and passion fruits.”

Original Submission received from Badru Muzidalifah, Group Leader of Plant Powered Uganda in Kalisizo, Uganda on September 16, 2019.

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