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More than ten people joined the Pure Sprouts Pod in Athens, GA, on June 30, 2018, at Cali N Titos for an oil-free meal in an attempt to encourage the restaurant to participate in the Restaurant Campaign. About half of the attendees were newcomers – friends of the Pod Members. One person was especially surprised by how good the restaurant food tasted without oil, saying “While I generally eat oil-free [at home], I don’t always order this food when I go out to eat. After trying it today, it’s actually really good, and I would definitely get it again.”

The Pod’s Group Leader, Josh Wayne shared that he enjoyed “explaining to the waitstaff why we think this is so important to us, to spread oil-free options around Athens GA. Not all people who attended knew exactly what the WFPB diet was, so I took the time to explain to them why we eat this way, and about the health benefits. For me, it seems like the perfect mixture of public health and social work.”

Original Submission received from Josh Wayne, Group Leader of the Pure Sprouts Pod, in Athens, GA on August 10, 2018.

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