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Group Leader Deborah Davies of Plant Pod Cymru held her 4th monthly meetup on February 15, 2020, at a local restaurant in Bridgend, Wales, UK. Fifteen group members attended the event, and six of these members were new to the Pod. A group member and vegan athlete gave a short talk about the Game Changers film and how a plant-based diet benefited them while training. The Pod then played a “photo quiz” game, which asked members to identify plant-based athletes. Finally, a married couple volunteered their own story of reversing serious illness after adopting the whole food, plant-based lifestyle. With the talks and a delicious vegan menu to order from, the Pod meetup provided all members an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the benefits of the plant-based lifestyle.


Original Submission received from Deborah Davies, Group Leader of Plant Pod Cymru in Wales, UK, on February 16, 2020.


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