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Dr. Gemma Newman addresses Plant Pod Cymru

Pod Leaders Deborah Davies and Angela Hill of Plant Pod Cymru hosted Dr. Gemma Newman, author of “The Plant Power Doctor: A Simple Prescription for a Healthier You,” for a Zoom talk on the health benefits of a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet followed by a Q&A session. Several of the participants were health professionals, and many were new to the group. 

The audience gave wonderful and unsolicited feedback, including: “Great event. What a brilliant communicator Gemma is.” and “Thanks so much for this. It was fantastic. So helpful and interesting.” The event was recorded and you can watch this exciting meeting by clicking on this link. Deborah and her team will be sharing the recording of the meeting with more than 50 vegan groups in Wales in the hopes of generating greater awareness of the benefits of eating WFPB and increasing interest in Plant Pod Cymru.

Original Submission received from Deborah Davies, Group Leader of Plant Pod Cymru, on March 23, 2021





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