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PlantPure Communities Announces New Pod Advisory Committee, Weaving a Panel of Experienced Group Leaders Together to Expand the Pod Network’s Global Community Outreach


The nonprofit PlantPure Communities (PPC) today officially announces their new Pod Advisory Committee. The Pod Advisory Committee (PAC) comprises a panel of ten dynamic Group Leaders in the PPC Pod Network who represent more than 14,000 Pod members from around the globe. Members of the Committee were hand chosen by PPC based on the success and growth of their PlantPure Communities Pods, their unique perspective and skills, their dedication to support PPC’s vision, and their creativity and sense of innovation regarding community engagement in whole food, plant based initiatives and programming.

Members of the Pod Advisory Committee will serve for the 2021 calendar year, and represent five countries, offering diverse cultural perspectives. PPC Pod Leaders are integral to the grassroots Pod movement, and have invaluable first-hand experience which can ignite, transform, and enrich PPC’s endeavors to create vibrant global change. This is what compelled the creation of PPC’s first Pod Advisory Committee

PAC members will determine how best to implement the PAC’s mission through quarterly strategic planning meetings and through participation throughout the year in several subcommittees. Some of the activities PAC members may be involved in are: implementation and promotion of PPC events, campaigns, and projects (within their Pods, to other Pods, and to other plant-based groups); contribution to PPC’s monthly Pod Engagement Suggestions newsletter; assistance with developing PPC fundraising strategies; and creation of Pod Leader and Pod member surveys. In addition, PAC members will be guest speakers for PPC’s events, including webinars, Pod Networking Hours, and Grassroots Get-Togethers. 

PAC members have the unique opportunity to take on a more impactful role within the Pod Network, share what has worked in their communities with other grassroots leaders, network more closely with other successful Pod Leaders, consider PPC’s outreach strategies, suggest new initiatives, and create greater change in the global whole food, plant-based movement. We are very excited to involve Pod Leaders in this exciting new initiative.

The PlantPure Communities Pod Network is the backbone of a grassroots movement of people participating in independent local groups, called “Pods” who promote the benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet. To date, more than 250,000 people participate in the PlantPure Communities Pod Network in 31 countries.


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