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Toolkits are topic-specific project guides designed by PPC to support the PlantPure Communities Pod Network and other advocates working to spread the health message of a plant-based diet. The Toolkits offer Pod Leaders a range of resources and activities that are meaningful to the people who participate in the Pods (community groups) and other initiatives aimed at creating positive change in neighborhoods and beyond.

Info Sheets

WFPB Diet Explained for the IndividualOverview of a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet and basic nutritional information, this Info Sheet is for anyone interested in learning more about WFPB.

Dining at Restaurants & Fast Food Chains – A list of dining establishments that may offer WFPB-compliant food choices. Please check how individual dishes are prepared at the specific location to determine whether or not they will be WFPB when ordered as described here.

WFPB Books & Cookbooks – A list of books and cookbooks on the whole food, plant-based lifestyle.

Movie List – A comprehensive list of films exploring topics related to the whole food, plant-based lifestyle.

Informative Newsletters – A list of websites with informative newsletters related to whole food, plant-based nutrition and lifestyle.

Everyday Plant-Based Substitutions – Traditional family favorites can easily be transformed into delicious WFPB meals. A little ingredient substitution goes a long way.

Breakfast, Snacks, and Meal Tips Guide – Provides ideas for quick and easy options for WFPB breakfasts and snacks, as well as tips for flavouring meals.

WFPB Grocery BasicsWhen you are new to a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) lifestyle, shopping for groceries may seem difficult, especially if some of the ingredients or products are unfamiliar. This info sheet outlines many common food products found in delicious WFPB recipes – most of which can be purchased at chain grocery stores. 

Minimal Cooking Ideas – Several tasty 5-10 minute whole food, plant-based meals for busy days.

Square Foot Gardening Method – Gardening in your yard, school, and community can be an educational and rewarding experience. This guide introduces the Square Foot Gardening (SFG) method and the SFG Foundation, and it describes how the method is applicable to individuals, schools, community gardens, senior centers, and more.

PPC’s Culinary Philosophy – Explains PPC’s culinary philosophy and what it means to be “PlantPure.”

About PPC – Help us spread the many benefits of plant-based nutrition!

About the Pod Network – Share this flyer with others to encourage them to get involved today!

PPC eBooks

Frequently Asked Questions about Pods

Click here to view a list of frequently asked questions about Pods and the Pod Network. For more information or support, please contact us.

Important Links

Enlaces Importantes

Nota: Los siguientes enlaces son enlaces externos y lo llevarán lejos del sitio web de PlantPure Communities.

Center for Nutrition Studies 

El Programa Gratis del Dr. McDougall

Libro ilustrado del Dr. McDougall – “Intoxicación alimentaria – Cómo curarla comiendo legumbres, maíz, pasta, patatas, arroz, etc.”

El Comité de Médicos por una Medicina Responsable

Documentales de Netflix con subtítulos en español: PlantPure Nation, Forks over Knives, Food Choices, Cowspiracy.