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The Moving Medicine Forward Initiative is entering a new phase.

After 3 years of successfully working together, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit PlantPure Communities and Michael Klaper, M.D., will expand our collaboration on Moving Medicine Forward (MMF) into the areas of plant-based networking and small group support. Together — with your help — we can change the way our medical system treats patients, transforming it from a system of disease-care to one of true health-care.

To develop and carry out an effective program, we are seeking $300,000 in funding for 2022. Thanks to our amazing donors, we are already over ⅓ of the way to our goal!


Can you help us hit our goal and turn this white coat green?

With Your Help, Students Could Receive:

Direct support from the MMF Pods Program Coordinator

A sustainable support system equipped to evaluate and continually improve our program

International networking opportunities

Increased access to supportive health professionals

Resume and CV recommendations (for Pre-Med Students)

Exclusive content from Dr. Klaper for student organization meetings

Toolkits and training on the ins and outs of curriculum change

Dr. Klaper's Update and Our Vision for the Future

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Initial Steps for 1st Quarter 2022: 

  • Hire a Program Coordinator dedicated fully to recruiting and supporting medical and pre-med students. 
  • Develop a Program Manual.
  • Identify and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 
  • Contact and collaborate with existing lifestyle medicine groups.
  • Launch the program and begin outreach.

Long-Term Strategy: 

  • Deliver monthly addresses to medical student groups (Pods*). 
  • Connect medicine-oriented students with the plant-based movement at large to better leverage resources, opportunities, and professional connections. 
  • Transform curricula at medical schools. 
  • Reach undergrads with plant-based knowledge prior to taking their MCAT. 
  • Broaden the scope of practice for future physicians. 
  • Integrate Lifestyle Medicine into the Medical Curriculum.
  • Build a sustainable support system that becomes more effective and sustainable each year.

*A Pod is a local community group dedicated to supporting others in adopting and sustaining a plant-based lifestyle. Contact us to learn more about creative ways to support the plant-based movement. If you have any questions regarding donations, please email The MMF Pod Initiative budget is available upon request.