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Pod Leader Elaine Epstein of the newly formed Pod, Plant Powered St. Louis, held a virtual meeting focused on the idea of “Eating the Rainbow” to introduce the benefits of eating a colorful variety of fruits and veggies. The meeting opened with a food demo by local plant-based chef, Rachel Carr, owner of Plant Craft Kitchen. She created a colorful dish of delicious raw vegan nachos. Additionally, she shared several great tips on how to select a rainbow of foods to eat. 

Next, Elaine presented the Nutrition Rainbow infographic (available on PCRM’s website) and engaged Pod members in learning about the antioxidant benefits of eating the rainbow. Members proudly presented their favorite fruit or veggie in the group photo, as they shared recipes and stories with the group. They wrapped up with an open discussion, where connections were made while celebrating a whole food, plant-based lifestyle.


“Indeed, colorful foods are often healthier because they contain antioxidant pigments, whether it’s the beta-carotene that makes carrots and sweet potatoes orange, the lycopene antioxidant pigment that makes tomatoes red, or the anthocyanin pigments that make blueberries blue. The colors are the antioxidants.” Quoted from 

Original Submission received from Elaine Epstein of Plant Powered St. Louis on March 27, 2021.





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