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Group Leader Laurie Foral of Plant Powered Omaha held her 4th monthly event on July 23, 2019, on the Nebraska Methodist College campus. 45 members attended to hear Dr. William Schleifer (who is also a member of the Pod) give a fantastic presentation on behavior change. He also shared some of his personal experiences and transition to WFPB. The group was really captivated! He made the presentation informative, relevant, and humorous.

Dr. Schleifer is a cardiologist at Nebraska Medicine where he treats heart rhythm disorders. He said this was his “very first presentation on plant-based nutrition”, which gave rise to thunderous applause! An engaging Q&A session was held afterwards and could have easily continued well beyond the allotted time. Dr. Schleifer and his wife Mary then offered their home as a location for the first Pod potluck, which Laurie plans to organize for some time in September.

The meeting also included a short presentation on the Restaurant Campaign given by Laurie. Several members volunteered to help get it started in their community. Finally, Laurie shared a reminder about the upcoming Healthy for a Lifetime Conference happening in Omaha on October 19th where Drs. T. Colin Campbell and Caldwell Esselstyn will be the keynote speakers. So exciting!

Original Submission received from Laurie Foral, Group Leader of Plant Powered Omaha Pod in Omaha, Nebraska on August 14, 2019.

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