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November 28, 2018

The Plant Party Pod in Richland, Washington set up a beautiful display case in their local library to share the word about plant-based eating and their Pod. The display box is available for local clubs to use for a month, and the library was very accommodating to work with. Group Leader, Diana, would like to set up the same display in her other local libraries, and make this set up a “mini traveling display”. Diana arranged the box around her personal, and impressive, stash of books, and added printed flyers from the internet and food items (beans, lentils, whole wheat pasta, squash, apples, and more) from her house.

This display is in the foyer of the library and includes the contact info for the Pod so interested community members can join. Awesome work, Diana and the Plant Party Pod! Check out your local library to see if there is a display case available for your Pod!


Original Submission received from Diana Knoll, Group Leader of the Plant Party – Whole Food Plant Based Living Pod in Richland, WA.

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