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November 21, 2018

Just for the Health of It Pod in California held their October meeting about “surviving the holidays.” They talked about the challenges of being with those who don’t understand WFPB choices. Thanksgiving is tricky for most due to the tradition of turkey. Strategies they discussed included: Some Members allow others to bring the turkey, or are guests where turkey is present. Some host and allow no products that not are whole food, plant based. Some use it as a treat day and use vegan meat substitutes like Tofurky roasts or Field Roasts. Some go to vegan restaurants so that while their meal will include treats, there is no temptation the next day from leftovers. The Pod indulged in yummy food after their discussion, and a recipe for a Tu-no Casserole is attached in the photo. Happy holidays everyone!

Original Submission received from Mary Marotto, Member of the Just for the Health of It Pod in Pleasanton, CA.

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